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July 27, 2022

Professional chef Palak Patel from The Institute of Culinary Education and home cook Lorenzo are swapping recipes and hitting the kitchen to make veggie burgers! We set Lorenzo up with a selection of the finest ingredients from chef Palak’s kitchen, along with her recipe for a $172 meatless burger. Meanwhile over with chef Palak, a relatively modest $14 worth of ingredients were being tweaked and augmented while elevating Lorenzo’s burg to gourmet status. Whose veggie burger are you throwing on the grill?

Chef Palak is on Instagram at @chefpalak
Keep up with Lorenzo at @rollinabenzo
Rose is on Instagram at @rosemarytrout_foodscience
Follow The Institute of Culinary Education at @iceculinary

Director: Cory Cavin
Director of Photography: Jack Belisle
Editor: Eric Bigman
Talent: Lorenzo Beronilla
Talent: Palak Patel

Sr. Culinary Director: Kelly Janke
Producer: Isabel Alcantara
Culinary Producer: Young Sun Huh
Culinary Associate Producer: Jessica Do
Line Producer: Jennifer McGinity
Associate Producer: Alicia Aswat
Production Manager: Janine Dispensa
Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Hymes

Camera Operators: Lauren Pruitt, Brandon Yoon
Audio: Lily Van Leeuwen
Production Assistant: Alaina Chou
Culinary Assistant: Kim Klatzkin

Post Production Supervisor: Stephanie Cardone
Post Production Coordinator: Scout Alter
Supervising Editor: Eduardo Araújo
Assistant Editor: Diego Rentsch
Graphics Supervisor: Ross Rackin
Graphics, Animation, VFX: Léa Kichler

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