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July 29, 2022

Edan Leshnick, head pastry chef at Breads Bakery in New York, takes behind the scenes to demonstrate and explain every tool he and the staff use in preparing their supremely popular baked goods. Joined for the tour by Darwin Castillo, head of the bread department, get an in-depth look at a professional high-volume bakery in action - with massive dough mixers and immersion blenders supplying roaring deck ovens.

0:00 Introduction
0:14 Sheeter
0:39 Rolling Pin
0:49 Stainless Steel Table
1:29 Bicycle Cutter
2:06 Tourné Knife
2:39 Offset Spatula
3:04 Giant Immersion Blender
4:08 Food Grade Spray Gun
4:36 Egg Wash Spray Gun
5:12 Pastry Brush
5:35 Bongard Oven
6:19 Spiral Mixer
6:58 Rounder
7:07 Rounder Plate
7:29 Divider
7:46 Molder
8:13 Proofing Basket
8:42 Proofer
9:21 Deck Oven
10:32 Loader
11:01 Wood Board
11:19 Scoring Blade
11:47 Fork Mixer
12:34 Bakery Bros 4 Life

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