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October 23, 2021

Gozney | Outdoor Pizza Ovens | Wood & Gas Fired Ovens
If you want to take your pizza making and wood-fired cooking to the next level, do it with the NEW Gozney accessories...

- Pizza Rocker (US) - a fearsome beast, helping you to cut up and portion your pizza with precision
- Dough Scraper (US, UK, AUS) – makes getting your dough from bowl to workbench easy
- Dough Cutter (US) - the ultimate tool to cut, shape and divide your dough
- Infrared Thermometer Gun (US, UK, AUS) – know exactly when your pizza oven’s thick stone floor is ready to cook a perfect pizza
- Pizza Server (US, AUS) - The perfect pizza demands the perfect board, hand craft, durable and hardwearing, the Gozney Pizza Server is not only gorgeous, it's easy to clean. 14” of pizza serving perfection.

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