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March 6, 2022

Rene unboxes and reviews the Gozney Dome - the world's most in demand outdoor pizza oven. Designed to work effortlessly for beginners and exceptionally for chefs. Make incredible pizzas at home and roast, smoke, steam or bake with the Dome accessories. Super fast or low and slow. A live-fire adventure, every time.

Key features:
🔥 Rolling flame - provides authentic top-down cooking and invests heat into the oven floor.
🔥 Unbeatable heat retention - built to the exact ratios of a traditional Neapolitan pizza oven, double-layer stone floor, more insulation proportionate to its size than any other outdoor oven on the market.
🔥 Built-in digital thermometer - Provides precise temperature readings and the oven reaches temps of 500°C/950°F.
🔥 Stone puck system - Allows users to switch between the gas and wood burner systems with ease.
🔥 Quick connect accessory port - Roast, smoke, steam or bake with accessories launching soon.
🔥 Extra wide mouth - 16.1” x 5.1” mouth and 22” x 18” oven floor. Perfect for 16" pizzas or 2 small pizzas.
🔥 ModernDome design - by combining a specific dome shape, air in and out ratios as well as insulation, dense stone and a rolling flame, a Gozney is the peak of live-fire cooking.

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Available in the UK, US & AUS. Coming soon to Canada.

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