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October 18, 2021

Please be advised that like certain shellfish, some people may be unable to safely consume insects due to dietary allergies.

Take a deep breath and come prepared with an open mind because today Joseph Yoon from Brooklyn Bugs is teaching how to eat (almost) every edible insect there is. Now, we know what you're thinking - aren't tarantulas and scorpions arachnids, not insects? Also, why are you doing this Epicurious? First, yes but come on. And second - trust. A vital and ecologically important world of food can be yours to enjoy with just a little guidance.

0:00 Introduction
1:06 Crickets
2:16 Black Ants
3:06 Scorpions
4:12 Bamboo Worms
5:04 June Bugs
5:49 Locusts
6:53 Palm Weevils
7:36 Tarantula
8:58 Cicadas
10:28 Mealworms
11:19 Termites
12:24 Silkworms
13:13 Japanese Wasps
14:36 Weaver Ants
15:24 Tobacco Hornworm
16:16 Mopane Worms
17:06 Black Soldier Fly
18:05 Water Bugs
19:20 Gusano Worm
20:28 Cricket Whiskey Hopper Cocktail

Director: Rusty Ward
Editors: Eric Bigman, Boris Khaykin, Justin Symonds
Director of Photography: Brad Wickham
Producer: Tommy Werner
Assistant Producer: Dimitri Lazarashvili  
Culinary Producer: Mallary Santucci, Kelly Janke
Culinary Assistant: Jessica Do, Kim Klatzkin, Leslie Raney,
Camera Operator: Lauren Pruitt
Audio: Mike Guggino
PA: Brandon Guillebeaux
Post Production Supervisor: Stephanie Cardone
Associate Director, Post Production: Nicole Berg

Epicurious Video Team
Jonathan Wise
Maria Paz Mendez Hodes
Ali Inglese
Dan Siegel
Rhoda Boone
Carolyn Gagnon
June Kim
Holly Patton
Myra Rivera
Billy Keenly

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How To Eat Every Insect | Method Mastery | Epicurious

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