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image  1 Antonio Bachour - Tonight I received the recognition of the Best Pastry Chef of the world 2022, also
September 21, 2022

Tonight I received the recognition of the Best Pastry Chef of the world 2022, also for the second time in my career, really overwhelms me, and I feel blessed .I can only say from my hearth that I feel lucky and loved: That is why I will try to weave my speech fundamentally by thanking everyone who has made it possible for me to make this happen.Because Antonio Bachour is not just Antonio Bachour.I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be here. Sometimes life doesn't make it easy. I had very fragile health when I was young and I owe it to the doctors that I survived a serious illness. There were very complicated moments in which nothing indicated that today I would be here, celebrating something so great, but just as I am lucky now, I was lucky then to get ahead: luck and the help of great professionals in medicine and science.The second thanks I address to an incredible woman who supports me at all times, my wife I love you , and my entire family , my mother and my Brother Jose who is my partner and love him so much . I have sacrificed many things for my profession: while always feeling your support and understanding. I love you. I want to say thank you to all my team at because my team make me shine . I want to Thanks to chef that he is been with me traveling like a crazy in the last 6 years , teaching around the world (this award is for you too). Also a special thanks to that always believe in me , she was the first person who believe that I deserve this award 12 years ago and she introduces me to many great chefs in the world . Thanks to all my colleagues and chef that every day I learn from them . Thank you Cristian and Joana to organize this community of person passionate for the Gastronomy and unify all the chef . Thanks to the city of Madrid to make this happen and finally thanks to and to help my career everyday! Thank you , Thank you! #bestpastrychefintheworld #bachour
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